There are plenty of spiritual movies of inspiration and motivation being made - movies with thought-provoking, uplifting stories - but they almost never make their way to your local theater.

Spiritual Cinema Circle monthly DVD club gives these unique spiritual movies a "theater"... right in your own home.

For only $21 a month plus shipping, you'll receive a new DVD every month with four inspiring movies that have been hand-selected for their vision and compassion.

Your monthly selection of uplifting movies from Spiritual Cinema Circle DVD club includes a mixture of features, shorts and documentaries that explore spirit, spirituality, existence, morality, compassion, the power of the mind, metaphysics and other enriching topics that take your personal journey further.

In fact, people in more than 80 countries around the world have joined Spiritual Cinema Circle in the last 10 years. We feel The Circle is a modern worldwide equivalent of a shaman sitting by a fire, telling stories that enthrall and have the power to transform lives.

Now with Gaiam TV

Plus, you'll have unlimited access to Gaiam TV, featuring thousands of inspiring interviews, eye-opening documentaries, and engaging films. Gaiam TV's curated library features videos with leading-edge visionaries, spiritual teachers and inspiring innovators. You'll also find Spiritual Cinema Circle favorites like The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, I AM, Happy, Sedona and Matching Jack.

Better Than Movie Rentals

Unlike rental services, the DVDs you receive through Spiritual Cinema Circle are yours to keep. You never have to return anything, and you may cancel at any time.

Plus, when you join our Circle you join a community of people who want to make a difference in the world and their lives through the choices they make. Discuss the films on Facebook to deepen your experience and get exclusive insight from the filmmakers behind them. And help give future independent filmmakers a voice for the meaningful messages that rarely get an audience.

Be part of something bigger than what ends up on the big screen. Start your journey today with Spiritual Cinema Circle and discover the heart and soul of cinema.

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What Our Members Are Telling Us

DVD club member
"Each month we look forward to our next shipments! This past fall I called the cable company and told them to disconnect us...we just weren't interested in TV anymore. Now we just watch the Spiritual Cinema movies (over and over again) or rent movies (our favorites are the ones recommended by Stephen Simon!) We read more... I am writing poetry again...We spend more time together...and after 28 years of marriage, I think I can honestly say that we even love each other more. Thank you for the changes you have brought to our lives!" - Rishell Graves, member, Seattle, WA
members of spiritual cinema circle DVD club
"We love The Spiritual Cinema Circle and the opportunity to see movies that reflect our values that we would never have an opportunity to see if it weren't for The Circle. Thank you!" - S. Kelsey
spiritual cinema circle members
"I will always bless this purchase as it has brought so much JOY to my movie viewing. I have been fascinated and thrilled by movies all my life, but The Circle has brought a wonderful perspective to what is capable in cinema. I had become a bit "disenchanted" with film over the years, and because of all the violence, my trips to the theater became less and less frequent. I longed for the movies The Circle offers. Thank you, THANK YOU, for seeing this great hole within the cinema community at large, and finding a way to bring us these spiritual "nibbles"!" - B. Taylor, Member, Portland, OR
members of spiritual cinema circle DVD club
"The Circle is absolutely wonderful! I look forward to each monthly volume with child-like delight. The movies speak to my heart of what I always knew to be true. My heart thanks you." - M. O'Neill, Member, Trenton, NJ

Your Member Benefits

  • Four great films every month on DVD
  • On-screen discussions
  • Program booklet
  • Exclusive savings on previous selections
  • News and features by weekly email
  • NEW: Unlimited access to Gaia