Dialogue with Cidney Hue, Director of Odessa

Spiritual Cinema Circle

We spoke with the young filmmaker Cidney Hue. She is writer/director of Odessa, which appears on our March DVD, and won numerous festival awards.

Where did the idea for Odessa come from?

I am an avid science-fiction fan who has always wanted to tell stories that showcase women in science and technology. However, I lacked the funds to create the other worlds and spaceships of my imagination. So I used what was around me to my advantage—New York City in all its glory—and opted to tell a simple story infused with sci-fi and space elements.

Where did you shoot, and how long did it take?

Odessa was shot over a course of four days in the East Village of NYC with the help of my peers and a stellar cast. I wrote, directed, and produced the project as my thesis at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. We used a color palette of secondary colors (orange, green, and purple) to portray New York City of the near future. In addition, we produced a standalone news special about the Odessa mission to run throughout the TV screens in the film. Overall, it was a rewarding challenge to combine the unmistakable character of NYC with my love of space and sci-fi to create a film on the universal themes of loneliness and connection.

We loved the allusion to The Wizard of Oz. What other classic stories inspire you?

Fairytales have always been an inspiration to me from a young age. They are timeless for a reason! I'm also constantly revisiting science fiction classics from Bradbury, Asimov, Clarke, Dick, Gibson, and Vonnegut.

What projects are you working on now?

I’m currently in development for a sci-fi web series set in New York City while writing a feature project on virtual reality. You can find project updates and more on my website.

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