The Spiritual Cinema Circle launched in 2004 as a collaboration between film producer Stephen Simon and psychologists/authors Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks.




Gay Hendricks and Kathlyn Hendricks have been pioneers in the fields of body intelligence and relationship transformation for more than forty years.

Through their programs, Katie and Gay have empowered hundreds of coaches around the world to add a body intelligence perspective to enhance fields from medicine to sports psychology, education and personal growth.

In 2003, Katie and Gay co-founded The Spiritual Cinema Circle, along with Stephen Simon, acclaimed producer of movies such as Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come. The SCC team has brought the work of hundreds of talented filmmakers to thousands of fans worldwide.

Katie and Gay have authored more than forty books, including such bestsellers as Conscious Loving, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving Ever After and The Joy of Genius. They have appeared on more than 500 television and radio programs, including Oprah, 48 Hours, CNBC and others. More information on Drs. Hendricks can be found at www.hendricks.com.


Mentored by Hollywood legends such as Ray Stark (producer of The Way We Were, The Goodbye Girl, Funny Girl, and Annie) and Dino De Laurentiis (producer of over 150 films, including Serpico, 7 Days of the Condor, and King Kong), Stephen Simon is a highly regarded and well respected veteran producer and executive with over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry, producing or being responsible for the production of over 20 motion pictures.

Stephen produced acclaimed projects such as the Academy Award Winning What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra, and Cuba Gooding Jr.), the romantic classic Somewhere In Time (Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour), All The Right Moves (Tom Cruise) and was an executive producer on fan favorite Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Keanu Reeves).

In 2001, Stephen became so disillusioned with his inability to make more story-based, spiritual films in Hollywood that he not only left the mainstream industry, he moved out of California. 

Relocating to Oregon, Stephen wrote The Force Is With You: Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives, a seminal book about the genre Stephen coined "Spiritual Cinema."

In 2003, Stephen made his directorial debut with Indigo, (starring Neale Donald Walsch).

In 2004, Stephen co-founded The Spiritual Cinema Circle with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks.

In 2006, Stephen produced and directed the film version of Neale Donald Walsch’s New York Times’ Best Seller Conversations With God.

Along with Acquisitions Director Anna Darrah, Stephen continues to host the monthly film discussions on all SCC monthly DVDs.


Anna Darrah is Director of Acquisitions for Spiritual Cinema Circle, and co-host along with Stephen Simon of the monthly SCC film discussions. After licensing films for SCC and Gaiam for 12 years, she became an independent distribution consultant, helping filmmakers to better understand distribution and create strategic plans for their films’ releases.

Anna also loves making films. She co-produced Meow Wolf: Origin Story; produced and directed 2 short documentaries in the Zillow: Homemakers Series; and produced Sundance Channel Films American Waitress and Darren Vigil Gray; Counterclockwise. She is also the President of Santa Fe Network, the first place-based network.


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