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Welcome to the Heart and Soul of Cinema!

Now in our 16th year!

Since we launched Spiritual Cinema Circle in 2004, we have provided a “home theater” for over 700 inspiring, uplifting films.

Every month our global community receives a DVD with 4 entertaining, life-affirming  movies.

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For only $21 a month plus shipping (your first month is FREE*), you receive three shorts and a feature film every month that have been hand-selected by our co-founder and film producer Stephen Simon (“Somewhere in Time”, “What Dreams May Come”) and Acquisitions Director Anna Darrah. 

Our films illuminate who we can be as human beings when we operate at our very best.

Every volume includes on screen discussions after each film.

No Movies to Return! The DVDs you receive through Spiritual Cinema Circle are yours to keep. You never have to return anything, and you may cancel at any time with no penalty of any kind.

Community. When you subscribe to our Circle, you join a community of people who are supporting current and future independent filmmakers by providing them a platform for their uplifting, positive films.

We also have a Facebook page where members communicate with each other and us about the films, and as we construct our new website, you will also have a Members Only area where you can rate the films each month, have access to exclusive filmmaker interviews and much more.

Start your journey today with Spiritual Cinema Circle and discover the heart and soul of cinema.

*Your first month is FREE except for a $4.95 U.S. shipping and handling charge, $7.95 outside the U.S.)

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"We love The Spiritual Cinema Circle and the opportunity to see movies that reflect our values that we would never have an opportunity to see if it weren't for The Circle. Thank you!"

S. Kelsey

"The Circle is absolutely wonderful! I look forward to each monthly volume with child-like delight. The movies speak to my heart of what I always knew to be true. My heart thanks you."

M. O'Neill

About Us

The Spiritual Cinema Circle grew out of a collaboration between film producer Stephen Simon and psychologists Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks. Stephen had produced several movies with spiritual themes, such as Somewhere In Time and What Dreams May Come, and had given talks and seminars on the emerging genre that he coined Spiritual Cinema...

Learn more about the Spiritual Cinema Circle here.

"Each month we look forward to our next shipments! This past fall I called the cable company and told them to disconnect us because we just weren't interested in TV anymore. Now we just watch the Spiritual Cinema movies (over and over again) or rent movies (our favorites are the ones recommended by Stephen Simon!) We read more, I am writing poetry again, and we spend more time together. After 28 years of marriage, I think I can honestly say that we even love each other more. Thank you for the changes you have brought to our lives!"

R. Graves

"I will always bless this purchase as it has brought so much JOY to my movie viewing. I have been fascinated and thrilled by movies all my life, but The Circle has brought a wonderful perspective to what is capable in cinema. I had become a bit disenchanted with film over the years, and because of all the violence, my trips to the theater became less and less frequent. I longed for the movies The Circle offers. Thank you, THANK YOU, for seeing this great hole within the cinema community at large, and finding a way to bring us these spiritual nibbles!"

B. Taylor

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